More bmi Hacking

Star Alliance claim to be ‘committed to delivering to you the latest flight schedules from the Star Alliance members on multiple platforms Anytime, Anywhere.”‘ (emphasis mine). What’s more they go on to explain that that means that it will be ‘Automatically updated on your platform of choice.’

That is unless your ‘platform of choice’ is anything other than a Windows PC or a handheld with Palm OS, as their Electronic Timetable doesn’t run on, for example, a Mac. Instead we need to just make do with a hulking big PDF.

So, I decided to parse all the data out of that PDF, and on the basis that others might find it useful, make it available as a CSV file: Star Alliance Timetable 2009-05.

It’s nothing fancy, but being able to open it in Excel and filter on the various columns is still quite useful, and of course it opens up any number of other possibilities. I’m also considering building a little mini-application that makes it easier to play with, so if anyone has any suggestions for that, I’m all ears.

3 thoughts on “More bmi Hacking

  1. Hello Tony I was wondering if you could tell me how you were able to get the data out of the pdf and into the excel file.

  2. @Tony
    Thanks what other software do you use? Microsoft Office or anything else like that if you use Microsoft Office what are the steps you take to import it.

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