Where can I fly to this month?

All my playing with end-of-year travel plans has given me itchy feet. I’d like to go somewhere interesting for a few days sometime soon, but I don’t really care so much where. This is something the internets are meant to help with, but though the US is well served with any number of useful quirky travel sites, Europe doesn’t have so many of the “Just show me good deals” versions if you don’t live in certain key cities. So, in the DIY spirit, I wrote my own. I gathered a list of all the commercial airports I could find in Europe, grouped them by country, and wrote a script that searched on ITA in turn for all flights from Tallinn to any airport in that country over the next 30 days, and tell me the cheapest date to travel there. It’s a slightly nasty site to screen-scrape (and I’m pretty sure they don’t have any alternatives that you don’t have to pay for, as some of the puzzles they set job applicants involve scraping the site), and the code certainly isn’t pretty, but, thanks to Google Charts, the results are:

(Green is the cheapest, red the most expensive, yellow somewhere inbetween.)

My plan is to widen this beyond Europe, have it run every day, set some threshholds and have it email me any time something interesting appears. I suspect, however, that I’m much better served from Riga:

Thankfully there’s a comfortable bus to there!

One thought on “Where can I fly to this month?

  1. Hey Tony
    I had exactly this problem last month – I just want to go away and want some ideas based around price. Momondo for example is really useful at giving me the prices for a known destination but no-one has this as an online service in Europe, do they?
    Are ITA the only people that have this data?

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