Easyjet’s Additional Luggage Policy

On Monday night I was booked on an Easyjet flight from Belfast to London, and then another from London to Tallinn on Tuesday morning. Inbetween times I had arranged to stay with MWK. As my new life has encouraged me to massively trim back on the amount of stuff I own, I decided to arrive not just with gifts for his children, and some Finnish liquorice pipes and Moomin lollipops, but also a whole bunch of crazy books that I thought needed a better home than just a charity shop.

I realised that if was going to be able to deliver everything I wanted, I’d be over my luggage allowance, so I decided to be pro-active and book an extra stowed bag via the Easyjet website.

Suitably pre-arranged, I arrived at Belfast Airport to discover that my 42kg wasn’t just a little over my 2 x 20kg limit (but hey, no big deal, I can put a few extra things in my hand luggage if they’re really going to be picky), but a lot over my 1 x 20kg limit.

It took me a while to work out what they were saying, as it just sounded so completely insane. Even after the ensuing fight with the check-in attendant, I had to go confirm it with their ticket desk, as it couldn’t possibly be true.

But, indeed, scarily it is.

If you pre-book extra bags (the website helpfully allows you to purchase room for between 1 and 8 extra), you are indeed allowed to check in extra bags. But … you can’t actually put anything in them!

Well, that’s not technically true. You can move some of the stuff that would otherwise have been in your first bag into them, but you can’t put anything extra into them. Your weight allowance remains fixed at 20kg. Anything above that is still charged at £5/kg.

So, if you had gone on a huge spending spree and availed of their generous “8 extra bags” offer, the only thing you’re really buying is the ability to ensure that each bag has an average weight of no more than 2.2kg. If you actually arrived at the airport mistakenly thinking that you had bought an extra weight allowance, your now filled extra bags would cost you an extra £800.

The Easyjet staff were obnoxiously smug about this, in a “Wahey! We’ve caught out another idiot” way, explaining with glee that the website explains all this clearly.

I guess it does, if you make sure you read the small print, have a degree in advanced logic, and have a lawyer’s mind that knows that just because you’ve paid extra money for something, it doesn’t mean that what you’re going to get is what you actually wanted, and thought you were buying.

I get paid to program computers. I should have known better. But pick an average person on the street and try to explain the difference between “all bags must weigh less than 20kg” and “each bag must weigh less than 20kg”. I’m having a really hard time believing that Easyjet aren’t being deliberately obnoxious here, knowing that the vast majority of people will arrive at the airport and have no choice but to pay the extra fee.

But they’ve now joined KLM on my list of airlines never to fly on unless there’s absolutely no alternative.

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  1. Would someone please please explain the system to me. I have just spent an hour reading thru all the comments and still have not got an answer. I have booked a flight for friends tonight and because I have never known a flight charge for hold luggage took it that it meant extra. I have booked these 3 men on a flight to Spain with 0 hold baggage and have now spent the rest of the evening trying to find out if I should have book 3 hold luggage for their 3 suit cases. I have sent a querie to easyjet and they came back with answers that were completely irrelevant to my question.I now have to wait 5 days for an answer.In the meantime, how can you change your booking????. What is the contact number???. I am flying out to N.Y and Australia this year and have not had any of this rubbish on my bookings.

  2. Someone has fraudulently booked an EasyJet flight using my debit card. I’ve informed the bank, the police and I have attempted to inform EasyJet. I couldn’t get hold any number other than their Customer Service number at 10p per minute. There I am put through endless menu options to “enjoy” what they call the “EasyJet Customer Experience”

    I’ve had to cancel my debit card and am trying to simply find out whether they are interested in preventing someone from fraudulently boarding one of their flights, possibly using my identity and possibly with malicious or even evil or deadly intent.

    The young lady I last spoke to told me that I had to speak to my bank. When I said that it was out of security concerns I was drawing their attention to this incident, she kept harping on about “terms and conditions” and telling me that there was no other number to call or manager to speak to

    I believe this incident alone should invoke the authorities (police, BAA, etc.) to inspect EasyJets security and customer contact procedures and, possibly to revoke airport rights to EasyJet.

  3. Seriously please tell me I’m not living next to a bunch of half wits, in response to PAULINE GIBBONS comment about whether you needed to book bags onto the aircraft for these passengers, that’s a yes, it quite clearly asks you how many items of luggage you are travelling with which you need to state in order to take them with you, what most people on here don’t seem to realise is that you are paying for the bags with any airline the difference with easyjet is that they give you a choice to choose whether you are taking these bags, thus if not, making your flight cheaper an option that other airlines do not give you. The idea of the extra luggage bags give you the option to spread you weight around not give you more, it must be asked why you would need more than 20kg for a weeks holiday and if you are going for a long time or moving, as in my experience I have found people tend to do, easyjet isn’t a carry service its an airline, if you are moving ship your items!!

    Please let’s remember if the staff look at you as if you’re an idiot it’s probably because you are, we are there do a job. Most of the passengers we check in understand and 90% of the people we deal with on a day to day are compliant with the rules, it’s just the 10% which spoil our day and mean we get irritated with everyone.

  4. I am really worried now with all i read so someome answer this for me. we are 2elderly people and booked with easyjet for a flight to Barcelona we will have 2 suit cases and we payed in advance how much in weight can we carry is it only 20kg or 40kg i really am confused and worried

  5. with easyjet you can take upto 20kg per passenger, so if u have rough two bags you can carry 40kg in two bags, 2okg per bag, you could however put 32kg in one bag and less in the other but no more than 32kg for health and safty reasons, all ill say is just keep an eye on the website as all the info is on there and due to the changing enviroment in the aviation industry i can change quickly

  6. I would like to recommend British airways, I Know they are more expensive but if you calculate the extra costs easy jet has stung you all for its about six of one and half a dozen of the other, basically it’s the same, The food is second to none, you can take on more luggage weight, they are very rarely late. Also if your luggage is delayed, or your flight is not on time, they don’t give you that smug look of arrogance like most of you say you have experienced when flying with easy jet, you just get compensated, that’s my recommendation, switch to BA.


  7. i have booked a flight to bassel but i am not sure how many kilos i am allowed to take without paying anything.can you send me a reply as soosn as possibel

  8. I pass on this information because I’m always the person waiting in the queue behind a family of six re-packing their luggage at check-in…..

    OK, this is it, and it applies on most cheap airlines.
    1. Each traveller is allowed 20kg of hold luggage (only a measly 15kg on Ryan, of course) immaterial of the number of bags you decide to spread it around. So, you can pay for more than one bag for each traveller if you want to do, BUT – this DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU’RE BUYING AN EXTRA WEIGHT ALLOWANCE, just that you’re permitted to spread your 20kg if you want to do.
    I suppose this would be useful if you were carrying something very light and bulky, e.g. a wedding dress or a life-sized straw donkey – or perhaps you find it easier to lift and handle 2 light-weight pieces of luggage than one heavier one.
    So, briefly: only 20KG per person, no matter how many bags you pay to put in the hold.

    2. EACH PERSON’S LUGGAGE ALLOWANCE IS PERSONAL TO THAT PASSENGER: you can’t share. This is a big change which has sneaked in and catches out a lot of passengers. So, you can’t now travel with your partner and decide to put everything into one large case, unless it weighs no more than 20kg (or 15kg if you’re travelling Ryan…). It’s no good if you have one case weighing only 25k between you, or one weighing 28 kilos and one weighing only 11 kilos – you’ll still get charged for the one which is overweight. Each traveller has to contain his/her OWN 20kg allowance in his/her OWN bag. So, those of you with huge suitcases to pack for the family, forget it! If you’re a family of 5 travelling together, you have 100kg of hold baggage allowance, but it HAS TO BE PACKED INTO 5 BAGS (at least).

    That’s it, really. There is no way you’re going to get extra baggage allowance!

    I think that hand luggage is easier on Easyjet than on some airlines because of the lack of weight restriction – I rarely travel with a hold bag unless I’m going to be away more than a couple of weeks. If you leave all the heavy toiletries at home – most hotels supply them anyway, or you can buy them there for a lot less than your baggage costs! – and convince yourself that you don’t actually NEED fourteen pairs of shoes, you can do it!

    There is plenty of information available about cabin bag allowances, hold bag allowances etc – you just need to read it carefully!

    By the way, the comment from one person about a bag being allowed on some journeys and not on another – yes, it never ceases to amaze me the amount of stuff some people will be able to carry into the cabin some times then not at others. I too have been stopped (not at EasyJet) with a bag which was a fraction too big to go into the guide rack the right way up (it went in upside down, but the girl on checkout wasn’t having any of it!!) I’m now absolutely neurotic about measuring my hand luggage, and I’m constantly searching for the perfect case! It does save time and trouble, in the end, to read the rules and stick to them.

  9. I got stung today.

    Was 8.5kg overweight and charged 10.5 euro’s per kilo.

    Total cost 85 Euros.

    Knew I was over but I did not realise the cost would be so high.

    Complete extortion!

  10. This happened to us also. We travelled to paphos on 3rd august and came back the 9th. Gatwick airport queue ridiculous. It was so un organised and packed I actually fell over in all the hussle. With no seat allocation my 8yr old daughter had to sit on her own. We only took one bag between 3 of us, no questions going out , but coming back at paphos airport had to pay £140 to bring our luggage home as they said we didnt take the bag going out????? who goes away with no clothes? had to wait an hour for our luggage to be taken off the plane as it seemed B/A had priority. Warning dont use this airline if you have kids or are not up for a rugby scrum, and make sure on check in you are allowed to bring your clothes back. We have learned our lesson.

  11. Easyjet are great if you know nothing about decent scheduled airlines. They charge you for hold luggage, you can book in up to 8 bags but your max limit is still 20KG great if you can split your load to 2.2Kg per bag but deliberately misleading info on there site doesn’t explain you’ll pay for the extra weight over 20KG. Happy to take your money for the extra bags even though that means no extra weight!! They don’t give people with Children any priority to get prams and children on board before adults and then don’t allocate seats I have seen children barged around and knocked over as a result. If you prefer some civilization go with a large well known carrier book as early as you can the price difference wont be as great as the discomfort and pain I have suffered. Oh and this marketing film is just like all corporate films it will only inspire idiots. Maybe that says something about why easyjet is the way it is

  12. I want to go to spain with my partner without any hold luggage but come back with one light bag for the hold.
    Problem is, when booking, if you put ‘1 bag’ it charges you for a bag for both of you both ways.

    Easyjet have successfully thwarted all my attempts to contact them to pay for this one bag one way.

    Any suggestions please (other than ringing their premium rate number).


  13. Reading the above I am still confused!
    I have a booking confimation for 1 hold bag for two passengers but the second sentence says “the total hold weight must not exceed 32kg”
    On page 2 it says “The number of standard checked-in hold baggage stated for your booking must weigh no more than 20kg in total” So am I able to take the one hold case weighing 25kg without excess charge? And do I pay another £10 to the check-in desk for the pleasure?

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  15. oh great.
    i booked a flight from lisbon to milano, 1 hold bag. was thinking of purchasing a 2nd hold bag, but after reading your post and these comments, i think ill pass.
    guess i gotta try squeezing everything extra in my one carry-on bag now :P

  16. Easyjet’s existence in the market place is to provide cheap flights . At least that is the perception that they very much want the public to have .

    Unless they are actually cheap why would anyone fly with them? Do we enjoy a rugby scrum of shoving and pushing just to get a seat .Would we want to travel with a company whose idea of a balanced on board meal is to sell you a packet of crisps and a muffin and whose in flight entertainment is flogging scratch-cards and there is that orange colour they slap on everything .

    No , if they are not cheap don’t bother with them .

    Are they therefore “fit for purpose ” . Well usued in the correct way yes. By way of illustration I have a £90 return booked to Prague next Easter flying from Bristol . The alternative given to me was a return at about £249 with a scheduled airline changing at Paris again from Bristol. That also illustrates Easyjets second function , to provide flights to places from provincial airports which you otherwise wouldn’t get outside say London or Manchester.

    So far so good ,I’ll put up with the shoving and the other things for a saving of £600 plus(4 of us travelling ).

    What is not so good is (being charitable) a lack of transparency or (less charitably ) a downright
    intention to mislead .

    The web-site booking section on baggage illustrates this .

    Now I am a solicitor and I have to say it’s taken me a couple of hours to get the information to understand it .

    There is a suggestion on one interpretation that yoy can book one item of luggage into the hold free of charge , but internet research quickly reveals that they started charging for hold luggage initially at £2 per bag each way last year .

    A colleague who travelled in October with them paid £5 each way it’s now £7.50. All the on-line press releases indictate the intitial £2 figure but nothing about any increases . It’s hard to see how the cost of handling luggage has increased by over 300% so in reality Easyjet have increased their prices through the backdoor . Perception being everything they have not publicised this other than the initial charge of course.

    Then there is the extra bag issue which is indeed misleading with the 20k weight limit remaining.I think Easyjet are in danger of breaking the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations with this certainly the language used is not “plain language ” as required . THe company has fallen foul of similar legislation in the past


    It needs a customer to take this up with their local authority trading standards office to get it referred on up to those who can crack a whip over their heads.

    All this tends to make one very wary the company needs to get it’s act together to avoid customers thinking that they have “a never give a sucker an even break ” attitude which enhances their bottom line .

    So some rules to follow

    1-Travel light and use hand luggage only if you can (I can but my wife and two daughters seem to struggle though I’ve got them down to two 20k cases for a 3 day break! ).

    2- If you take hold-luggage then weigh it carefully and adjust the weight between cases if you’ve got more than one case to avoid breaking the 20k limit.

    3- On hand luggage watch the size of your bag or you may get picked on.

    4- Arrive early (practise your shoving and pushing too !.)

    5- Don’t pay for priority boarding as it is a waste of time in most peoples experience .

    6-Don’t expect a BA or Virgin standard of service
    if you pay a Mcdonalds price your not going to get steak mignon but expect the staff to be civil (as you would at Mcdonalds ).

    Easyjet serve a purpose and I’ll continue to use them but be wary of their attempts to grab my money through the back door .I expect the web-site baggage issue to be resolved in the near future by those in power.

  17. Hey, great article, FYI Easyjet has gone even further, extra weight can be bought online at the reasonable price of “54 euros” (fifty-four) per every 3 extra kilos. Are these guys serious?

    I have been a frequent easyjet flyer for more than a year, my easyjet hate list slowly started int he following order:

    1- Delays, no easyjet flight leaves on time, there is always a minimum 30 min delay.

    2- Ridiculous charges for changing a flight, even all is electronic at a change of a few bytes, you get a 30 eur charge for doing so.

    3- Insane management of boarding. This point is my favorite. You have an split of passenger in groups A and B and also now Speedy boarders. SB’s are called in first followed by SA’s, group A and group B. Clear right? Yes, but, Easjey wont create two queues of people but leave everyone mixed in a single row fighting to get on board. And let me tell you, stress and arguments are everywhere.

    4- Cut on flights, Easyjet has reduced flights in the most usual routes generating an excess of passengers leaving every flight absolutely packed.

    5- Measurement of cabin luggage, from a couple of weeks ago since their hold baggage charges have gone to the roof and flights are 100% full there is now way to even fit a jacket if you join the flight late. Easyjet’s reaction has been to measure every piece of luggage at boarding time and take away any luggage exceeding their own dimensions which are smaller than the dimensions used elsewhere and classified as “cabin size lugagge”.

    7- Now easyjet wants 54 euros per every 3 kilos of extra luggage you carry.

    I think this is all, and definitely for me, Easyjet is gone off my list for 2009, ill be back to British Airways and pay the extra 20 euros for having less stress when flying.

    Please rename Easyjet to Pussyjet.

  18. Same thing happened to me, the website has been changed and clarified somehwta now.

    Currently having a dispute with Easyjet over hand luggage. They would not let me checkin even though the bag fitted into the size cage, because it had wheels on. They imply hand luggage has to be carried. This is no the same as carry on. On the Easyjet website it shows a cross against the wheeled case but does not state it is not allowed. They refused to refund me my money.

    I have flown on many airlines including Easyjet in the past.

    Needless to say I was able to fly with Thomson with it.

    Also had an incident with Virgin from Miami. Had paid for one extra hold bag which has always been allowed upto 32kg.

    However check in said I had to be excess baggage as I was flying economy and was only allowed 24kg. Once back in the UK a refund and apology was given as the idea that economy passengers should pay more for excess than First class would do no favours for the peoples airline.

  19. I havent got time to read allm posts so apols if repetitive – am currently trying to find out what the weight restriction on cabin baggage is – with no success – andyway I quote from their website :

    Each passenger is allowed a maximum combined hold baggage weight of 50kg including any sports equipment, subject to available space. The maximum weight for any single piece of baggage is 32kg.

  20. About the extra baggage.

    Was about to book extra hold baggage at €11 per bag
    must admit to thinking that was cheap so read the booking form and yes it does state that you are buying max 20kgs TOTAL for your fare and then by deduction you are not allowed any weight in the extra baggage.
    But it is misleading to say the least.

  21. i managed to travel to Australia for 70 days with cabin baggage only. 9 kgs. Washing machines are available everywhere, even the outback. I cannot credit people taking 20kgs on a short trip. As for being slightly overweight, 2kg x 190 = 380 kg it has to be paid for. Lollipops! valueless books you dont need!. nb. the lighter the aircraft is; the easier it gets of the ground.

  22. For Sally (29 Jan) quote from easyJet’s “Carriers Regulations – Section 10 Baggage”:

    Save where the limits set locally are more restrictive, passengers are permitted one standard piece of hand baggage to a volume limit of 55x40x20cm; no weight restriction applies within reasonable limits — i.e. a passenger must be able to place the piece of luggage safely in the overhead storage bins without assistance.

    Hope this helps – although if you’re less than 4’6″ tall, or have a shoulder injury, the implication is that you aren’t allowed any hand baggage at all!

  23. Does anyone know what taking a suitcase weighing 25 kilos will cost with easyjet please? I know excess will have to be paid, but aren’t sure of this cost plus the normal cost of checking baggage in at the airport.
    Flights have been booked but no hold luggage paid for but now we know what my daughter will be taking on the trip & this is what the case weighs!!

  24. Can anyone tell me if you can take a handbag on the plane as well as one piece of cabin luggage or do they really mean ‘one piece of hand luggage?’

  25. I have read the various easyjet sites as regards carry on luggage – one says “to a volume limit of” “55cm x 40cm x 20cm”. Some airport luggage guides note that all the figures must add up to max of 115, which the above figures do… does that mean these can vary marginally half a centimetre here or there because I have purchased a selection of luggage options from tk maxx with the intention of selecting what is required, then returning rest – the luggage is all by Modrec, labelled ‘PierreCardin’and are sized properly for airline use on the label – ht and width are ok – its the depth which is most inexact due to zips, pockets, etc and in all 3, measure slightly more than the manufacturers stated size…help, we fly fri 5th June…..

  26. I am also confused about the luggage rule of easyjet. Am I right that:

    1. only 20KG of size 55x40x20cm per person, including both cabin-luggage and hand-luggage, no matter how many bags you pay to put in the hold.
    2. the luggage mustn’t have wheels
    3. we’re not allowed to bring more than 100ml of liquid, even in the cabin-luggage.

    * For the cabin-luggage, I mean the luggage that must be checked in before checking our hand-luggage, and returned after the flight.

  27. when i make abooking for 6 persons why do i read that each person gets max 20kg(presuming this is hold luggage and hand baggage is not included the booking proceeds to state 120 kg between you (Ok)but then says we are allowed 5 suitcases unless we want to pay extra, why can’t the 6th person have their own case? is this some kind of site error or am i missing the point?

  28. I’ve booked a flight for someone with easyjet & paid for 1 hold bag, but now find the three passengers going want to each take a hold bag – Arrgh!
    Can I change the booking online & pay for the other two bags, or do they just do it at the airport? If so, what are the costs involved – I know you pay more at the airport but can’t find details anywhere – I think it’s £12 as opposed to the £8 online at time of booking.
    If I can do it online, is there also an admin charge? If so, may be cheaper anyway to just do it at the airport!

    Like everyone else with easyjet – I’m confused by looking on their site.

    Any help appreciated.

  29. @Ngan

    Hello. I am curious if you got any answers to your questions.

    – does the hand bag a weight limit?
    – are we allowed to take another bag up to 20 kilos if we don´t pay, or not?


  30. i had very bad experience with easy jet for the extra weight,i already payed on line for the extra,i already payed as well for some kilos in airport.i didn’t have enough money to pay for the more so i was in the airport checking in,the staff was really talking aggressively and threatining to cancel my flight ,that was in last march,i will never fly with them again,i prefer some flying agencies got a policy paying 32 pounds for 23 kilos than flying with easy jet

  31. I came across this site whilst trying to research the internet for baggage information in relation to Easyjet and ski boots. Having just flown home today using Easyjet my husband thought the best approach was to ask staff on the plane. This was met with a shrug and the response that they had no idea. There is no guidance on the baggage policy.
    Some people travelling with us have booked ski carriage which I believe includes boots. Others only take boots if not carried as the one piece of hand luggage is there an extra charge and what is it? I am confused.

  32. My wife and I are traveling to Italy this Summer, and we plan to bring a carry-on and and a checked bag. What is the maximum weight for the checked bug without incurring in overweight? 20Kg? 32kg? 40kg?


  33. What a bunch of moaners! Seriously.

    Easyjest is a money making organisation. It will try to get away with as much as it can, as will ALL money making organisations. The reason it raises peoples heckles more than say British Gas boiler repair costs is that you’re often there as a family and the alpha male/female looks like a fool when the bags are too heavy/family doesn’t get to sit together etc.

    BA is EXPENSIVE!!!
    EXPENSIVE=BETTER (or compensation)

    Use easyjet if you have no hold luggage and don’t mind being a little late and or separate from your travelling companions. Use BA if you have lots of luggage.

    Oh and as for the luggage allowance thing:
    Each hold bag is now charged at £9 online, £18 at airport.

    1 person + 1 HOLD bag of upto 20K = £9

    1 per + 1 HOLD bag of over 20K but below 32k = charge for extra weight

    1 per + 2(or more) HOLD bags of upto 20k = Charge for extra bag/s

    1 per + 2 (or more) HOLD bags which combined are over 20k = Charge for extra weight

    1 per + 1 HOLD bag of over 32k = not happening, you’ll need to get an extra bag and pay for both extra bag and extra weight.

    These rules apply no matter how many of you there are. You CAN’T transfer some of your allowance to others travelling with a lighter case.

    This is the official line you see while booking. It is actually simple.

    We allow 20kg of baggage per passenger. You can buy extra bags or weight now at a special rate, or at the airport at a more expensive rate.
    Change the number of hold bags or extra weight for this booking to suit your needs. Further bags can be added online at any time via My easyJet.com. Purchasing additional bags does not increase your weight allowance. Our baggage handlers are strong and careful, but to save their backs no single bag may weigh more than 32kg. Bag charges are non-refundable.

  34. Travelling Easyjet tomorrow and taking regulation luggage on board, but can my wife take a handbag as well?

    Can’t seem to gat an answer.


  35. @Ian
    Is adding a hold bag online subject to an additional admin fee?

    “How much will it cost?
    Each change is subject to a €30.00 fee (a saving of €15.00 over the call centre) plus any increase in flight fare, per passenger per flight. A date or time change made to a Flexible Fare is free of charge For full details see our carrier’s regulations.”

    Does this apply to adding a hold bag? Or is the cost just of adding the hold bag?


  36. I too am sooooooooo confused with this baggage allowance – yes it may seem easy to some but please can you clarify:
    I am travelling with my husband and have paid for 1 hold bag, on the site it says max weight 20kg but on the ticket it says 32kg, so which is it?
    Thanks – any help would be appreciated as we fly in 3 days

  37. Totally agree with Ian.

    The clue is in the name LOW-COST carrier. Low cost rules are different from full-service carriers, but that’s what keeps the system moving, staffing costs down, turnover quick and the price low. To take the moan about luggage – if every passenger went hand-luggage only (as the pricing structure encourages), just think how quick turnaround would be, it would be almost like getting on and off buses at bus-stops – airlines could probably schedule an extra flight per plane per day! If you can’t be bothered to read/follow the rules (which are actually very clear if you read them properly) then either accept you have to pay-up the surcharges or go on a full-service carrier.

  38. Hello i booked a holiday and didnt book a holden bag. but my girl friend now needs a bag.
    If i go down to the airport how much do ypu think il pay to book a bag at the check in?

  39. @Nick (check-in)

    A typical easyjet response – it’s the customers fault and shame on them for ruining YOUR day (never mind about our holidays).

    I hate this airline with a passion – not because they are ‘budget’ but because the staff are so incredibly obnoxious and self-centred.

  40. @Nick (check-in)

    To ‘Nick (check-in); I’m afraid you just confirmed the original ‘smug’ comments directed at the eayjet staff. Fancy calling 10% of your customers idiots! So what if you are transporting specialist personal equipment for a week? What if your a disabled person requiring extra items that take you over the 20KG? What if you want to just have more stuff on holiday?

    Its you my friend are the ‘idiot’ No customer understanding and no sense of customer relations.

  41. can any one tell me if hand luggage is included with the 20kg weight restriction, so youe caseand hand lugaggae must not go over 20kg

  42. Hi,

    My wife and two sons are travelling from L’pool – Majorca next week – in a nutshell we have paid for an all incl. package deal.

    Does it mean that we can take one suitcase each 20kg/person (irrespective of suitcase size) and not be charged any extra, and a small bag to take on board. This is so confusing, why can’t airlines just spell things out in plain (plane?!) English that the average Joe can understand. Don’t fancy being taken to the cleaners when we get to the airport.

  43. I think its crazy that they do not allow allowance for infants. We are going away for 10 nights and we will need supplies for our little girl. She’s tall and we wanted to buy a seat for her but as shes under 2 its not allowed and she will require a child seat to be of certain measurements to fit on the plane seat. So not only are we not allowed any allowance for her but also she has to endure sitting on our lap for the flight which im not quite sure she will fit. Easyjet are meant to be a stress free airline, think it should change name to Hardjet because its really hard for parents to pack cases when no allowance for infant.

  44. Hi, Im flying with easyjet next week. I only have carry on luggage and didnt pay the extra for checked baggage. Id like to add 1 bag of checked baggage, so in the hold baggage section to do this I select one bag and it will cost £11. So do I automatically get 20 kilos or do I need to select the New – Select Extra Weight beneath that too?


  45. We are frequent flyer from NY to Biarritz. Since Air France no longer flies Paris-Biarritz, due to Easyjet competition, and not wanting to cross Paris to fly Air France to Biarritz, or landing in Pau, we took Easyjet (Paris-Biarritz) for the first time. We had been forwarned that they are strict in controlling luggage weight rules. What an under statement it was! We were confronted at the checkin that our lagguage exceeded weight by 3 kg, and my computer bag had to be counted as a third luggage, thus I was forced to pay 240 euro in excess luggage. It was more than the cost of flying ( push my carryon luggage into their luggage
    After paying the surprising extra charge, and after passing the security, I was approached by an arrogant female attendent with smug smile, who demanded to check the size of my carryon luggage by sticking into their cage despite my protestation that I just had done it at checpkin.
    She looked visibly disappointed when I succeeded to squeeze the luggage into the cage, after removing my raincoat and sweater that I put into it before the boading.
    I will make sure that our two luggages will not exceed 20 kg, and I will

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