On-Street Parking Report

I recently discovered the Northern Ireland Audit Office. They’re the NI equivalent of the NAO, and have pretty much the same goals – to make sure that local government is working effectively and to combat public sector fraud.

Unlike the NAO who seem to produce several reports a week, the NIAO only produces about 10 reports a year. But they certainly seem to pick some juicy topics: Waiting for Treatment in Hospitals, Improving Pupil Attendance At School, Investigation of Suspected Fraud in the Water Service etc.

Although their website details reports going back to 1994, they’re only really on-line since 2002. So, my first request to them is to discover how I can get copies of the earlier reports. The website says I can purchase them from The Stationery Office, but that doesn’t seem right.

So I’ve emailed the NIAO to see how I can obtain a copy of their 2000 report on On-Street Parking.

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