Bug Fixing Day

I have over 40 modules on CPAN, and probably average about 1 bug report a week (not including all the discussion that goes on the Class::DBI mailing list). Most of them are really simple to fix without much effort at all (such as typos in the docs), but like most of these things, if I don’t fix it straightaway, then it’ll be forever before I actually get around to it.

Today I went on a big cleanup and fixed a whole bundle of bugs, some of them reported over a year ago!

I’ve also taken a load of the bug reports that have been emailed to me, which had been filed into about 5 different local mail folders, and forwarded them all off to CPAN’s RT interface instead. I’ve gradually been changing the ‘how to reports bugs’ sections of all the modules to direct people to there instead of private email, as it should make it easier for me to keep track of everything. Of course, having forwarded lots of mail to there I now have more open bugs on the system than I did this morning, despite all my fixes, but at least it’s a more realistic snapshot…

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