The Strange Case of and DVD Express

Back in the days when they were pretty good, I bought some DVDs from

Today I got an email from claiming: “We have acquired DVD Express and will be continuing where the company has left off.”

Further: “ also knew that with the drastic changes in online retail, DVD Express had difficulties meeting the expectation and needs of its customers.”

And to finish: “With our new management and site we thought it would be a perfect time to say hello as the only true online DVD provider.”

So, who are

Well, from what I can discover, always has been DVDexpress!

The Wayback Machine’s earliest snapshot is from Feb ’98, but is a surreal “Favorite Brands” site for JET-PUFFED;® Marshmallows!

Their November 1998 site is the DVDexpress site. It’s branded as such, and is how I remember DVD express. I assume it was simply a server alias.

By October 1999 it has been developed into its own distinct information site – but still with the DVDexpress logo at the top, and credited at the bottom as “A DVD EXPRESS information source”.

By March 2000 DVDexpress has rebranded itself simply as, and follows suit uses the new logo. But it’s still obviously the same company.

In March/April 2001 the information site seems to have disappeared, and merely redirected people to the home page.

By May 2001 it was a server alias again, showing the site, as it continued to be until earlier this year, when and all its various domains shut down.

So what’s going on?

It seems to me that DVDexpress, which struggled over the last few year years, and seemingly collapsed in January, has decided to try to relaunch itself. It probably has indeed got new management. And quite possibly new investors. But instead of being honest about what’s going on, it’s tried to disguise it as a take-over by, who are obviously meant to sound like a bigger, stronger, player.

Not a very promising restart in my books…

3 thoughts on “The Strange Case of and DVD Express

  1. I invested in the dvd and have not found out any thing i put 10,000 in to it can some one please tell me what is going on with the company are have I lost my money

  2. I worked for DVD Express in Holland and am still owed money by them. Do you have any idea of what happened to their liquidation case or who the lawyers are who handled it. Thanks. Fernando Rodrigues Cape Town South Africa

  3. I was a site producer at (also in Hollywood, Ca from 1998 until roughly July 2001. They went bankrupt due to venture captial mis-handling and/or embezzlement. As far as the liquidation here in the states, there was a settlement several years later. I believe I received about 35 cents on the dollar for back pay I was owed and nothing else. I am uncertain as to what happened in the European courts. It was a good company until things spun wildly out of control.

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