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According to Hoovers:

“DVD Express merged with Maximum Holdings, which included a network of gaming Web sites and GameFan Magazine, in late 1999. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in March 2001 and sold substantially all of its assets to Express Media Group the following June. Investors include Maximum’s founder David Bergstein and other top executives, as well as DVD Express founder Michael Dubelko and British game maker Eidos.”

If I’m reading this correctly it seems that Express Media Group was basically the same people as the bankrupt company, (which at the time of the merger had been valued at $500m). (Eidos paid $55m for a 12.6% stake).

The Google cache still has the Press Release from the relaunch in September 2001:

Express Media Group, Inc. recently purchased the assets of, Inc. With new owners, a new management team, and a precisely focused business model, the company looks to be profitable quickly … DVD Express has left the dark days of e-commerce behind them, moving forward with a plan that will benefit both the Internet industry and its burgeoning customer base.

That version never survived the 2001 Holiday Season.

The new site still claims to be owned by Express Media Group. I don’t give it much chance either.

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