Sharmanka Kinetic Art

SharmankaIf anyone is visiting Glasgow at any time soon, I would strongly recommend a visit to Sharmanka. Their website is very 1997, and doesn’t really do them justice, but this is a truly amazing collection of pieces created from old sewing machines, bicycles, and other scrap, with hundreds of little carved figures pulling and pushing and twisting and turning.

There are scheduled performances on Thursdays and Sundays, but apparently they’ll open it pretty much any time if you ring them.

2 thoughts on “Sharmanka Kinetic Art

  1. My visit to your gallery was a complete revelation to me. It was like entering another world and discovering a completely new art form. I was so completely absorbed by each and every exhibit, each being a microcosm of its own fantastic interpretation of “orderly chaos”.

    It is a “must”

    M. Green

  2. Was visiting Glasgow and was keen to see Glasgow Printmakers new premises when I came across this show. Absolutely fantastic, loved the differences between each piece, the messages conveyed by them and the pure innovation. Would recommend to anyone.

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