Unleashing the Hounds of Hell

I called BT back after an hour to ask why I hadn’t yet received the promised phone call from a manager.

They managed to reconnect me to the person I was talking to earlier, who seemed surprised that I hadn’t been called as the manager had left a note on my account saying that they had agreed a credit of £25 to my account to compensate me for my inconvenience!

The note also said they’d opened an internal investigation into how the system had gone wrong on this occassion, which makes me think they didn’t really understand my complaint.

I’m happy enough to take their £25, and I also look forward to the report on their investigation (which they say I should get in 7-10 days), but in the meantime, if anyone else is upset that BT would give out their details like this, I’d suggest ringing 150 (pressing 9 at the menu gets you straight through to Customer Service), and raising a complaint.

Asking for details on whether or not your information has been requested in this manner could be quite interesting…

According to the conversation sparked by this on the Data Protection mailing list, I think that Oftel and the Information Commissioner are going to get a few complaints about this too.

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