When using Movable Type I was rather lax about assigning categories to posts, mostly because they weren’t really that useful, as I didn’t use any of the navigation features related to them.

By default in WordPress they seem to be much more prominent. Rather than trying to find a way to minimise that, I’m going to try to train myself to categorise everything better. I’ve spent a couple of hours working my way back through the last two years’ posts, adding them all categories, and rearranging my categories to better fit what I have actually written about regularly.

I still have a ways to go (about 200 posts to categorise), so I’m going to set myself a target of cleaning up 10 of them a day. That way I should have it all done in a few weeks.

It would be much quicker if adding a category to an uncategorised post automatically removed it from “uncategorised” rather than needing that to be done explicitly (and forgetting about 10% of the time)…

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