Where everyone’s above average…

Danny Ayers points to an online Mensa test where you have to expand all the phrases (“24 H in a D” = “24 Hours in a Day”, etc).

They claim that scoring 19+ (out of 33) is “genius” level. So I felt pretty good about getting 29 correct in 10 minutes. But then I noticed that they also claim that the average score is only up to 5, which I very much doubt. Maybe my mind is just wired to be able to do this sort of thing, but 5 seems way too low.

I’m actually quite annoyed I didn’t score higher. One of the ones I missed was really easy, and I’d like to think that if I’d spent a while longer I would have got it too. Two of the others I was never going to get no matter how long I tried (not without cheating, anyhow). The final one is interesting. Danny mentioned it in his post, and set me off down completely the wrong line of thinking, from which I never recovered.

Anyway, it’s a fun test, and I suspect that almost all of the readers of this blog will also swiftly be classed as geniuses…

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