The MBA Reading List

Joel has posted the initial draft of his Management Training Reading List, with 75 “must read” books on general business, software management, and corporate biography.

I think I’ve read 42 of the 75, and some of the others certainly look like I should read them. But I’m not going to aim for the 75 – I have no real interest in reading a book on Subversion, for example!

The inclusion of a Corporate Biography section is interesting, as these are generally underrated amongst the tiny subset of geeks who actually read business books. And although Joel claims these are “every worthwhile history of a software/computer company that we can find”, he also includes the history of Ben and Jerrys! I’m not entirely sure why this one is there. It’s certainly an interesting story, but if you’re going to step outside the technology sphere, then there are lots of other interesting choices.

Anyway, here are 25 books he’s missed to round it up to neat 100:

(Disclaimer, most of this is from memory, and from my bookshelves at home. A lot of my books are in the office, so I’ve probably forgot a lot of obvious things!)

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