Bizarre Links and Bloglines

Smylers has just pointed out to me that, for those of you reading this via Bloglines, all my URLs are screwy. Instead of saying things like, they’re just saying //

And although Mozilla, IE, and SharpReader Do The Right Thing here, Bloglines doesn’t. Of course, it’s hard to know what The Right Thing actually is here. When I said DTRT above, I really meant Do What I Mean (which of course is always The Right Thing!)

Fixing this problem turns out to be non-trivial. I’m using Marty’s MT Kwiki Plugin, but it doesn’t really do anything except run the text through CGI::Kwiki. A little investigation on our internal wiki reveals that the problem lies somewhere in CGI::Kwiki itself, as the same problem shows up there too.

But CGI::Kwiki has been supplanted by Kwiki, and I’m not sure there’s a simple upgrade path…

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