Back Again

It’s certainly been an eventful 6 months since I last posted.

Back in May we took over Ireland’s oldest ISP and have spent the last 6 months turning it around. They seemed to have an interesting business model whereby they would take all the revenue, give 50% of it to suppliers, 50% of it staff, and spend the other 50% on overheads.

I can’t say much more about it all here yet, as there are still six ongoing legal cases, but I’m sure I’ll get to tell the stories some day. You really won’t believe some of them (like the story of the directors who locked themselves in their office and refused to talk to us…)

Conference Season was interesting this year, whilst all this was going on. We ended up having to skip Oscon after O’Reilly messed up our tutorials, but I got to go to FoafCamp and FooCamp in Amsterdam, the FOAF Workshop in Galway, Web 2.0 in SF, and of course we were hosting YAPC::Europe this year. I’m sure I’ll get to talk more about those later.

The takeover also meant we had to put most of our ongoing projects on hold for a while. Simon and Marc have both moved on to other things, and Marty, Karen, and I have been working full-time at UNITE.

We said we’d put pretty much everything else on hold for six months, and so it’s time to start digging some of those out again. Everything moves so fast that we’ve had to rethink some of them significantly. Twingle, of course, now has Gmail to contend with. That doesn’t worry us too much though, as we believe that Twingle’s value is a lot more than just search. More on that later too.

This blog is probably going to be different this time around too. I used to use it as a place to store interesting things I came across. I’ve now switched to using for that, so this will be much more about what I’m doing. Hopefully that won’t be too boring for everyone else.

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