Wireless DVD

I recently bought a new DVD player. The one I had from back in 1998 or so has held up reasonably well, but had started sticking or jumping on an increasing number of discs. It also wouldn’t play some VCDs (particularly ones I made myself), and couldn’t play MP3s at all. The player I was going to buy turned out to be discontinued, so I let the guy in Richer Sounds talk me into the the Pioneer DV-2650, which so far seems to be quite good other than the fact that I can’t find out how to make it play in slow motion (there turned out not to be a manual with it, and most of the web sites about it are in German, so it’s all trial and error so far).

Then yesterday I discovered the DVD player with wireless! Being able to play all my downloaded TV without having to burn them to CD would have been very nice indeed. Hopefully by the time I upgrade again this has become standard.

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