Christians boycott Amazon for selling smutty books published by Christian publisher and sold in Christian Bookstores.

PHX News have a bizarre story about how Christians are moving their business away from Amazon to Christian-only online stores. This, of course, is hardly surprising.

The explanation, however, is: on the other hand sells grace and smut mixed together. This of course is objectionable to a great many Christians. To illustrate her point, Zahn referred to a book offered through that depict humans having sex with demons, using a well known Bible quote as it’s [sic] title He Came To set The Captives Free by Rebecca Brown.

In my earlier days on the net I was one of the creators of The Jack Chick WWW Archive!, devoted to the works of one of the 20th Century’s greatest conspiracy theorists, and publisher of all those little religious comics, Jack T Chick (his basic thesis: Everything is a Jesuit plot).

The bizarre twist in all of this, of course, is that “He Came To Set The Captives Free” was actually originally published by Chick, and is usually found for sale in Christian Bookstores – it’s from the same series of books as Catholic Terror in Ireland, What’s Wrong With Christian Rock, and my personal favourite: Lucifer Dethroned (“Bill Schnoebelen was a Vampire until Jesus set him free!”)

Sometimes this stuff just defies parody.

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