People who know me know that I spend much more time ranting about really bad service than praising really good service.

For the most part this is because I get much more bad service than good service.

But last week I had a great experience. I left work one evening and discovered that one of the windows of my car had been smashed, with a large rock that was sitting on the passenger seat. This, of course, was not a great experience. But the way it was handled was. I drove the car home, and the following morning phoned AutoGlass (after a few puzzling minutes working out where to find them in the Yellow Pages). If I’d been prepared to wait a while longer they could have come out to my house and replace the window, but instead I chose to drive to them, where they replaced it whilst I went for food.

They handled all the dealings with my insurance company, assured me that this wouldn’t impact my No Claims Bonus, and best of all, there wasn’t even an excess to pay.

It was all very simple – literally drive in, give them my insurance details, go away for an hour to get food, come back, sign a form, drive away again and forget about the whole thing.

I like companies that can turn bad experiences into good ones. There just aren’t enough of them around.

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  1. Please tell me W H E R E in yellow pages autoglass is as i spent long time stressing me out and could not find it

  2. I phoned autoglass for a friend who does not speak english very well. He needed a small quarter window for the back door of his car. To have autoglass fit said window i was quoted circa £140, when i asked to buy said window i was quoted £110. The same glass from the local scrapyard was £5. yes you dont lose your no claims but then all the insurance companies have to do is put the outragious autoglass costs onto every other persons premiums the same as they do by not investigating fraudulent insurance claims also.

  3. first of all glad you had a pleasant expirience and its nice to get publicly praised.

    in responce to the idiot george, you insurance company get a hefty discount which is why that was price is so low! if you were to ring us to pay cash it would be a hell of alot more. also we dont fit second hand glass like youd get from a scrapy (good luck removing and refitting by the way). one of the perks of having fully comp insurance is you get glass cover, glass breaks which is why its essential. if you want to spend your life rummiging through rubbish then by third party only, but i would buy a rare or new car because if ever any of the glass gets broken then your in for shock!!

  4. If the last posting is genuine then Autoglass can take a hike – probably in handmade Gucci loafers. Plenty of good scrappys round here but whats a scrapy?

  5. To reply to the idiot’s above (Chris and George) first of all you will find it is not loafers but Saftey Boots that autoglass wear. And the price you where quoted includes the glass removed and fitted by a qualified technician and a life time guarentee as long as you own your car.

  6. I called Autoglass out to fix a cracked windsreen on my fiesta, my insurance was fully comp and i have to say that the service was very good, i piad a total of £60 all inclusive and would recommend them, the only thing that i had trouble with was the sticky pad they use to secure the rear view mirror, its not up to the long term job therefore i had to get special glue to fix it. god knows how much it would of cost to buy a new windscreen and fit it myself and thats if i could of, not worth diying it

  7. I wouldn’t trust autoglass as far as I could throw them – and trust me that wouldn’t be far. One of their monkeys came to replace a drivers door window 18-12-07, did more damage than enough and I’m still waiting for the jokers to fit the reamining parts to my door – oh and they wanted to fit second hand parts (what’s that about) it’s not as if the parts on were in poor condition. I was even told not to use my window ’cause (and I qoute) the channel was rusty’ what he didn’t say was he’d snapped the window winder off and stuck it on with black tack.

  8. Autofarce Customer Services in good form here I see, calling unhappy customers “idiots” in the comments above.

    All part of what you can expect from this company if you have the misfortune to use their services. Its how companies handle things when they go wrong that really matters.

    My experience involves Autoglass turning up with the wrong parts, failing to keep appointments, failing to return calls more times than I care to remember and then damaging my car. If all that wasn’t bad enough, when I complained their manager threatened me with physical violence.

    Well done Autoglass – threatening a lone female driver when you realise she has a valid complaint.

  9. I had one of those “free crack repairs” at an autoglass “tent” at my local supermarket. It took about 30 minutes, and the chip in the windscreen was mended. Unfortunately 2 months later, it turned from a near invisible chip to a crack.. and within a month the crack was across the whole windscreen.

    I took the car into the Autoglass centre close to here, and they replaced the whole windscreen under guarantee – No insurance excess, no charge to me, no suspicious questions, nothing.

    Yes, they did screw up the chip repair, but I suspect that happens sometimes, it was a bad chip but in fairness to Autoglass they corrected their mistake and didn’t charge me for it or give me any hassle at all.

  10. has anyone had a small small chip successfully repaired on their windscreen or did auto glass test it and the really small small crack split the window and then you had to have a whole new windscreen replaced?? just curious

  11. I have just had a windscreen replaced by autoglass. I impressed on the fitter to take care as my BMW was only a month or so old. I had a windscreen fitted to my previous car and they left all black finger marks around the inside of the car on the fabric trim. The fitter told me I wouldnt know a new screen had been fitted! Low and behold he damaged the A pillar, tearing the fabric and scratched the dashboard. Ive complained to autoglass and they have said they will get a repair centre to contact me, this was several days ago. Ive chased them up but they say this takes a time to sort out?

  12. I am actually going to name fitter Richard Costello No 5494 of the Exeter Branch who arrived on time was charming, courteous and explained everything. New windscreen in my wife’s new fiesta fitted in about an hour. Happy wife = relaxed husband!! Thank you Autoglass.

  13. I used autoglass when the offer of wipers was on. i booked one car of my cars with a chip and my second car I was not sure if the chip was big enough therefor was told when the technician did the first car he would check the second and carry out the work if required. One problem because the agent on the phone didnt actually “book in” the car on that date then I was not entitled to any wiper offer. Even an idiot would know that it made sense to book the car in and then cancell if required rather than not book it in and loose the option of the offer.
    Customer service rang me and basically said “tough” you should have booked it in. WOW!!! what fab service.
    I have a company which has numerous cars and vans so the poor service from auto glass looses them a lot more money than a set of wipers.
    Maybe they should go to America and learn some real customer service.

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