Changing the Calendar in Radio

Mark’s tip of the day is to add a CAPTION to your blog’s calendar. However, he claims that: You can only do this in weblogging tools that … allow you to customize the HTML generated for calendars (which rules out Radio).

However, that’s not true. It’s fairly simple to change how Radio renders its calendar – once you get to grips with how Radio actually works. In your system tray you can find the little green circle on white square logo for Radio. If you right click on that you get a menu that includes “Open Radio”. This brings you into the actual Radio application – the real windows application that hides behind the web interface that most people usually use.

From the “Window” menu you should be able to find a “Radio.root” link. If you open that, and navigate through the table to you’ll find the code of the macro that renders your calendar. (The outliner takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s not too tricky). Then if you Ctrl-F (Find) “hCalendarMonthYearRow” (the CSS class of the pseudo-caption), you can change the HTML it produces.

In my case, I changed it to: add ("<caption class="hCalendarMonthYearRow">" + monthYearString + "</caption>")

And, hey presto, you have a CAPTION in your table.

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