Virgin Megastores debuts transactional site

In March 1998 we launched BlackStar. Everyone we talked to said “It’ll never work”. Many of them said “if this internet selling thing will work at all, Virgin will do it, and you can’t compete with them.”

When we got our first round of VC funding in the summer of 1999 people said “Now you have a chance to build your brand before Virgin move on line”.

When we got our second round in 2000 people said “now you get to consoldidate your position before Virgin arrive.”

Now Virgin have arrived.

They don’t seem to sell videos or DVDs. And they really don’t get what this Internet thing is all about:

The CD Search and buy is a small slice of what you’ll find in our stores and is just the start of what we plan on line. In time, we’ll be offering you the whole range of products here that you can also find in store.

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