Programmatic WWW authoring using Scheme and LAML

Note to self: When you find an interesting article, discover it crashes your broswer when you try to print it, and have to spend about 15 minutes trying to find it again via Google because you can’t remember what it was called and you have to try about 6 different search sets of search terms, then, when exactly the same thing happens all over again, make a note of the URL somewhere.

Aside from the main thrust of this article (expressing HTML programmaticaly), there’s a very interesting categorisation of web documents. Nørmark goes further than the traditional static vs dynamic division, showing that there are at four types of pages:

  1. Static – Stored pages written directly in HTML, bound at document edit time.
  2. Generated – Stored pages translated from another language to HTML, bound at document generation time
  3. Calculated – Calculated pages generated from a program at document access time
  4. Dynamic – Calculated pages generated from a program at browse time

He only really deals with static pages, but by expressing these in a Scheme syntax he opens the way for others to show the combination of this with Scheme to create the calculated pages.

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